Learn Advertising from the former CEO of a top advertising agency, hone your news reporting skills with award-winning print and television journalists, learn about Public Relations and Events from the founders and directors of elite agencies and companies, participate in a unique Global Communications Project and travel abroad to present your strategies to a global client, or explore the emerging world of Digital Media with a celebrated author, blogger and food writer.

Commits gives you the power to make your dreams a reality. Join Commits for a rewarding career in journalism, media, advertising, public relations, digital media and more ..


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COMMITS has shaped the lives and careers of many professionals in the media industry. I was privileged to have been part of the COMMITS journey in its formative years way back in 2003.

- Prema Sridevi

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Perseverance, Perspective, People & Positivity. Yes, the 4 P's are most important in my opinion when it comes to shaping a future. Commits have played an integral role in my present, a future that I could see 8 years ago.

- Sujith Mohan

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The best institution in India that makes one a thorough media professional from a media enthusiast. The professors(both in-house and visiting faculty) are extremely caring and give special attention to each and every student.

- Abhishek Biswas

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​I don't think there has been a day ​here at Republic TV in Mumbai ​when I didn't think of Commits or the projects we have done there. All your teachings, lectures, and corrections have been really, really beneficial.

- Shristi Thapliyal

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Commits was the only college I applied to​ last year​. There were people around me who expressed concern and asked me to consider other options.

- Prabhjeet Singh

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Commits was exactly what I needed to start my career in journalistic writing and copy editing.

- Natasha Rego

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I have always wanted to be a journalist for the thrill and passion that the profession entails. When I came to Commits I was a million yards away from that dream.

- Bidisha Sarkhel

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There will be a three month’s summer internship during the course. Internship will be evaluated and marked on 100 marks. The project reports submitted will be sent to the university.

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PRAKASH RAJ, Actor, Philanthropist, Politician
T R GOPALAKRISHNAN, Senior Journalist; Editor in chief, The Week
FAYE D’SOUZA, Award-winning Journalist; Executive Editor, Mirror Now
PRANJAL KHANDHDIYA, President Reliance-Phantom Films; Bollywood Producer
VICTOR MUKHERJEE, CEO Mango People Media; Writer-Director
SUPRATEIK SHYAMAL GHOSH, Musician-Arko Band and Alive India in Concert

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