4th Cross, K R C Road Doddagubbi Main Road, Visthar Bengaluru

Prabhjeet Singh

Commits was the only college I applied to​ last year​. There were people around me who expressed concern and asked me to consider other options. My response was, “If I pursue my master’s in Bengaluru, the college has to be Commits.” The reason for my confidence was simple. I knew a few Commitscions who were excellent motivators. Plus, when I was an undergrad I had not missed a single Expressions seminar. I knew exactly what I wanted and where I would get it.​

​I have already learnt so much about production in this one year. Plus I had a most fulfilling internship with Mango People Media in Mumbai. Next up: A third semester packed to the brim with exciting projects. I could not have asked for anything more.