4th Cross, K R C Road Doddagubbi Main Road, Visthar Bengaluru

Bidisha Sarkhel

I have always wanted to be a journalist for the thrill and passion that the profession entails. When I came to Commits I was a million yards away from that dream. In Commits I was suddenly thrown into a pool, where I realised just aspiring to do something is not enough. There are innumerable criteria that one needs to qualify. From writing a non-erroneous letter to getting the grammar right, Commits has taught me everything that I am able to inculcate in my work.

Even as I continue to work for a news channel, I realise how people think they can get away with spelling errors. I am grateful to Commits for teaching me the sense of discretion and producing quality work. Commits has taught me that just growing up the ladder is not fulfilling. It is your satisfaction with your own work that keeps you going.

There have been times when I wanted to give up but the professors in Commits, especially the dean, always motivated me in ways that I could never imagine.