4th Cross, K R C Road Doddagubbi Main Road, Visthar Bengaluru

Prema Sridevi

COMMITS has shaped the lives and careers of many professionals in the media industry. I was privileged to have been part of the COMMITS journey in its formative years way back in 2003.

One may ask, how is COMMITS different from any other educational institute?

The professors and dean are very accessible, more accessible than your own friends

Students get to interact with the best of the best in the media industry, I still remember the session we as students had with Anurag Kashyap and many news media personalities while pursuing my Masters in Mass Communications at COMMITS

COMMITS does not indulge in textbook theoretical tutoring but they train students on how to think, the experienced Professors give hands-on practical exposure to students. My training in COMMITS in documentary film making and doing stories went a long way in helping me become a productive reporter as soon as I was hired by Times Now in 2005.

Some of the best media professionals in the industry today can find their roots in COMMITS and COMMITS continues to provide a career direction to a lot of students who join the institute without a clue on what future holds for them. This, I personally think is the biggest virtue of this institute.

I am proud to be part of the COMMITS family and I hope with all my heart that COMMITS continues its great work of inspiring the student community and elevating them as excellent professionals.