4th Cross, K R C Road Doddagubbi Main Road, Visthar Bengaluru


DURATION: 3 months (30 hours)

SCHEDULE: Week-ends (10-12 weeks)

ELIGIBILITY: Students and working professionals and anyone interested in Professional Creative Writing roles

ATTENDANCE: Being a practical certificate programme attendance is compulsory at all face to face sessions

COURSE FEES: INR 25,000 (+ 18% GST)

BATCH STRENGTH: Minimum 5; Maximum 10

COURSE DIRECTOR: Ranjini Rao, Award-winning author, columnist, features writer, with a veritable track record spanning 20 years, in the US and India


The Certificate in Creative Writing aims to offer a synergic foundation for those who have always wanted to pursue a writing career. The course has different modules, designed to help students ideate, strategize, and generate original work while they discover the depths of their imagination and hold on the craft. Students will participate in workshops and review the work of their peers in a safe and friendly environment, and edit with valuable inputs from the instructor as well as their peers.
The industry today has a wide range of requirements for people with creative writing skills, from advertising to marketing communications, development consulting to freelance writing. This course offers a broad spectrum of workshops, assigned reading segments, and exposure to multimedia experiences, to help students hone their skills. We will cover fiction and non-fiction, and use different techniques to strengthen analytical thinking skills, to develop a deeper awareness of the world and the human condition, among other things. Through guided practical assignments, students will get a comprehensive understanding of the nuances and power of language. The students will also get pointers on how to pitch their work.


The course will explore three modules.
● Introduction
● Fiction
● Non-fiction


  1. Introduction to Creative Writing (10 hours)
    Exploring the art of creative writing through prompts and themes
    Practice workshops
    Reading sessions
  2. Fiction (10 hours)
    ● Story setting
    ● The importance of dialogue
    ● Character building
    ● Problem — Solution
    ● Editing
  3. Non-fiction (10 hours)
    ● Essays
    ● Journaling
    ● Features and profiles
    ● Food Writing
    ● The importance of the memoir
    ● Travel writing