Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome to 2021, warm, fresh and full of life! This year will also mark the twentieth anniversary of Commits. To mark the occasion Commits has moved into a new home, a 3-acre green campus! It will be a self-sufficient space that can calm the mind and foster creativity, where the students can spend their hours studying, exploring, playing and living amidst nature, absorbing its beauty, besides organising seminars, workshops, and inter-collegiate competitions.

The campus will be fully residential, where the students will be encouraged to use eco-friendly practices. The campus will be ‘owned’ by the students who will decide on the best practices to make it a beautiful living experience during their two years.

Last year the pandemic disrupted admissions but we shifted to online classes quickly and ensured that learning did not stop. We focused on mentoring and long hours of online discussions in the absence of physical classes. We encouraged students to take up part time and freelance industry projects to add value to their portfolio.

Our alumni network from all over the world – some of them the finest in their respective fields – regularly interacted with the students to create a positive learning environment.

Going forward, we will launch online certificate courses, week-end workshops, media training and hybrid courses. We are also planning to start a film school and a media research centre over the next few years.

There is only one mantra that drives us at Commits, Excellence!

Best wishes and warm regards,

Dr K Sai Prasad

Dean, Commits