Dear Students and Parents,

In 2020 Commits will celebrate two decades of excellence. Much has changed in the media
industry over the past decade. Keeping up to new challenges and requirements is always a
passionate pursuit at Commits. We believe that education is fundamentally a learning
experience and not a passport to job placements.

Our twin pillars of strength have always been our students and faculty. We have created a
unique model of course delivery called ‘SPADE’- Study-Present-Analyse-Discuss-Evaluate, which
explains why Commitscions are confident and empowered in everything that they do. The focus
at Commits is on mentoring in addition to learning. We lay special emphasis on reading and
writing skills. Our learning and evaluation methods are practical, through internships, live
projects and intense capacity-building activities, and are not always exam-based.

At Commits students are taught and trained by professionals, not just academic teachers. They
expect a high level of knowledge, involvement and professionalism in everything that the
students do. Personal and professional discipline is given the highest priority here. Students
passing through the portals of Commits are acknowledged by the industry as among the best
resources to recruit.

Our strong alumni network all over the world – some of them are the finest in their respective
fields – actively counsel the junior batches.

For the past 20 years we have chosen to remain small and unostentatious, and let our students
be our brand ambassadors.

Our Marketing and Management Communication (MMC) specialization is the first and only non-
MBA course that trains students in marketing, brand management, consumer behavior,
advertising, corporate communications public relations, events, and digital media marketing,
and is hugely popular among the students and industry.

Our future goals include setting up a film school and a media lab for communication research.

Commits is not like a usual college campus; it is more a place of work, where the focus is on
discipline, professionalism and excellence.

Welcome to the Commits family.

Best wishes.