Commits boasts of faculty and course directors who are professionals, bringing with them knowledge, competence and experience making learning a different experience altogether. Together they have more than 500 years of work experience, and over 25,000 hours of teaching experience. They are industry professionals, who bring with them decades of industry experience and a razor-sharp mind, influencing students to align with the needs and demands of the media industry.

Commits follows the globally acclaimed S-P-A-D-E technique for effective learning, which involves rigorous Self-learning, Presentation, Analysis, Discussion and Evaluation, through classroom lectures, tutorials, seminars, workshops, demos, field visits, practical work, case studies, presentations, and live industry projects. More than 50 per cent of learning is practical.

Dr K Sai Prasad
Marketing and Media Management
More than 25 years experience in management, marketing and media

Prof B K Prabhakar
Camera, Editing and TV News Production
More than 35 years experience in Television Reporting and News Production

Prof Ranjini Rao
Digital Media and Cross Cultural Communication
More than 16 years experience as blogger, author, columnist, and entrepreneur

Prof Swagata Majumdar
Radio Production, Voice-over, Scripting and Journalism
More than 15 years experience as journalist, RJ and voice-over artiste

Varun Chabbria
Graphic Design and Multimedia
One of the most sought-after visual graphic designers in Bangalore, with several Indian and international projects to his credit

C J Santhosh
Visual Communication and Photography
More than 25 years experience in Photography and Visual Communication


  • Vivek Tonapi, Consumer Behaviour
  • Ashish Sen, Community Communication and Theatre
  • Dr Mukta Banerjee, Research Methodology
  • Dr Pradeep Banerjee, Economics and Marketing Research
  • Sowmya S., Documentary Filmmaking
  • Peter Yorke, Corporate and Internal Communication
  • Melissa Arulappan, Advanced Public Relations
  • Malavika Harita, Brand and Advertising
  • Anupama Singh, Media Planning and Research
  • Shreyas Jayakumar-Jacob, Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Noelyn Fernandes, Sales Promotion, Retail Communication and Event Management
  • Padmini Majumdar, Writing and Editing for Newspapers
  • Maitreya J A, Copy and Content Writing
  • Tejas Mehta, Current Affairs and Television Journalism
  • Saswati Chakraborty, Constitution, Governance and Political Journalism
  • Keya Acharya, Development and Environmental Journalism
  • N S Ramnath, Data and Business Journalism
  • Deeptha Rao, Media Laws and Ethics
  • Samarpita Samaddar, Entertainment PR and Film Marketing
  • Ayesha Tabassum, Reporting and Feature Writing
  • Prathiba Raman, Video Journalism
  • Samhati Bhattacharjya, Online and New Media Journalism
  • Nidhi Lall, B2B Markets, Account Planning and Servicing
  • Shubham Roy Chowdhury, Cinema Studies
  • Prema Sridevi, Investigative Journalism
  • Priyam Bhattacharjee, PR and Brand Marketing
  • Shweta Nanaiah, Media Relations
  • Amruta Raman, Fundamentals of Public Relations
  • Sanjana Sharma, Fundamentals of Advertising
  • Sunil Bhattacharjee, Personal Branding