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Academia industry interface is the hallmark of all Commits programmes. All teachers are professionals who have many years of experience behind them. Our course directors are top notch industry professionals, who teach an entire course (like Advertising, PR or TV Journalism) and not just come for one or two guest lectures. Commits imparts the skills and the specialised knowledge required to work in complex situations in the media industry, thus treating you as professionals and not just as students.
The degree course is recognised in India and in all countries around the world. Makhanlal Chaturvedi Rashtriya Patrakarita Vishwavidhyalaya is a UGC-recognised university set up by the government. The Degree programme is just like the degree you get from say Calcutta University or Bangalore University. The PG diploma programme is more suited for students keen on shorter and more focused studies and training in a chosen area, and is well recognized by the media industry. This one year PG diploma programme can also be used for further studies abroad as the 16th year of education, which many universities demand.
You will get the opportunity to do a three month internship with a leading media organisation in the second semester. You can work with either a newspaper or a television channel or in any advertising, digital or PR agency, based on your choice of specialisation. In the fourth semester media organisations will visit college for recruitment/placement. Besides these schedules all students will get opportunities to do freelance/part time work based on their interest and aptitude in the areas of content, writing, digital and social media marketing, theatre, events, etc.
Depending on the organisation and specialisation your starting salary could range between Rs.25,000 and Rs.35,000 per month.
Absolutely not. Frankly the question is irrelevant. What you do and how well you do it counts more than where you do it in today’s job market. Ask our alumni who are with CNN-IBN, Times Now, Emirates Today, NDTV, Saatchi & Saatchi, O&M, JWT, Rediffusion DYR and Times of India. Commits has won several prestigious awards, is the only participant in international projects from India and has some of the best placement offers from media houses.
All banks extend student education loans to our students. We issue the documents as per the requirements of each bank. We strongly advise students to take bank loans to fund their education themselves because it imparts a certain discipline and responsibility in them.
We do not have a hostel facility. But there are many good PG accommodation facilities available close to college (within 1 km), for both girls and boys.

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