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Globcom 2021

Ever thought a Global Marketing and PR competition can happen virtually? Neither did we. This year, everything was different. The first-year students had an added challenge of collaborating with a global team virtually. Not only did our students manage to do that, but they also had great ideas and strategies for a client that gave them a challenge with no budget.

Globcom 2021 was a hybrid event hosted by Blanquerna University, Barcelona. This year renowned universities from 13 countries participated. Not being able to go to Barcelona was disheartening for our students, but the encouragement and guidance provided by Prof. Ranjini Rao helped them look at the bigger picture.

Here’s what Prof. Ranjini Rao has to say, “I’m so immensely proud of my students, who have been working virtually all through the pandemic, for both academic course work and projects and presentations. GlobCom is a wonderful opportunity for them to learn the dynamics of working in multicultural teams, conflict resolution, global perspectives, research and development, and analytical thinking, rooted in ethnographic realities. I’m surprised that this
year too, like last year, we pulled it off without major roadblocks, especially because we haven’t even met students face-to-face otherwise. I think the GlobCom experience has set them up for higher professional standards and I can’t wait for them to realize their true potential in the workplace, backed by this solid grounding”.

Globcom not just allowed our students to work in a multicultural setting, but also provided practical experience. The hard work of our students across the globe was evident when the results were announced; four instead of three teams were qualified as finalists, and they declared two instead of one team as winners. The client offered an Internship opportunity to the winning Team 5, and Team 3 were appreciated for their ideas which will be implemented.

Winners of GlobCom 2021 (Last row extreme left Arpita Mandal and extreme right Subhash N K of Commits)

Here’s a sneak-peek of our students’ experience at Globcom…

I prepared for the best, and planned for the worst, but didn’t expect to be a finalist – Sanchita Chakraborty

From cross-cultural communication to market research, developing strategies to planning KPIs–I have learned more from this project than I had imagined. Learning to create a global solution for a problem— while also dealing with the challenges associated with its local implementation— has not only broadened my mind about international markets but has also helped me understand my own country from a bird’s eye perspective. – Pratussa Mallik

I am an AVC student, so I wasn’t sure if we would be a part of Globcom. I am so thankful to Commits for giving me this opportunity of participating in a Global communication project. It gave me clarity about my strengths and allowed me to work on my weaknesses. – Shivangi Agarwal

This once in a lifetime experience made me realize the human I actually am. – Gayathri Vinod

It was one heck of an experience, tiring and exhausting on some days, but somehow I won’t mind doing it all over again – Arpita Mandal

GlobCom project is a wonderful opportunity that shapes our perspective about how different cultures can work together with our differences and how differences are an asset more than a weakness. It is an experience that I would cherish forever and I’m glad to say I have worked with people from 13 countries – Ashvitha S

Commits has always aimed to give practical exposure to the students. GlobCom is one such experience that stands out among the rest.