The Commits course requires intense study and practical work, and all students are advised to stay on campus. The hostel rooms – separate for both male and female students – are large convenient spaces (350 to 450 sft) with modern amenities, furniture, attached bath and laundry.

The canteen is adjacent to the hostel and offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. The campus has clean sanitation facilities, garden, playground and drinking water, and has the Warden living on campus.

Hostel facility is available for local students too, since commute can be both expensive and time-consuming.

Hostel Charges (for one year) on sharing basis: INR 60,000 (excluding food), payable in two instalments along with the first year fees.

Food: On Actuals (approximately INR 4,000 per month, will vary depending on the menu) payable monthly to the college office.