4th Cross, K R C Road Doddagubbi Main Road, Visthar Bengaluru



Imagination can help you travel to the deepest recesses of life as well as its most beautiful moments. This is what I have learnt after attending Santhosh Sir’s early morning classes. Not all of us were aware that capturing an idea that was caged in our thoughts could lead us to ecstasy; by helping to unleash our inventiveness, Sir virtually opened our eyes.

We were shocked, no doubt, when we first learnt that the photography classes would begin at 7.30 a.m., but Santhosh Sir ensured all those mornings were so joyfully amazing that when his sessions came to an end, we were actually craving for more time with him.

One reason we loved those classes was that they were not just about theory; Santhosh Sir focuses on the practical side of photography and he gives students the freedom to paint their thoughts. There were people in the class who did not know how to hold a camera but now they talk knowledgeably about photography angles — that is a reflection of the impact his classes have had on us.

On the last day, when all of us had to submit two portrait photos and two still-life images to him for evaluation, everyone turned up with alacrity at the right time and stayed back enthusiastically in college till midnight.

I guess this is what we were lacking in our life: a connection with the learning process, which Commits has successfully installed in us. Is it any wonder we are now addicted to learning?