Commits is managed by Commits Educational and Charitable Trust, Bangalore, set up in 2004 to offer quality higher education and training in the areas of media, marketing, journalism, retail, development, finance, management and information technology. The aim of Commits Trust is to create a world-class, state-of-the-art media lab and a university exclusively for communication and media studies.

Profile of Trustees

Collin Timms

Mr. Collin Timms, Managing Trustee, has interests ranging from banking to healthcare management. He is the chairman of Guardian Bank, Opportunity Microfinance India, and Guardian Health Management, besides being the Director of Karnataka Souharda Federal Cooperative and Opportunity International Network. He is also a trustee of The Bridge Foundation. He also serves the board of Habitat for Humanity and many other financial Institutions in Bangalore .

Dr. Olinda Timms

Trustee Olinda Timms is a medical doctor, specialised in anaesthesiology. Her interest in Medical Humanities and Bioethics has led to numerous publications including her book ‘Biomedical Ethics'(Elsevier)

Commits Educational and Charitable Trust is covered by Section 80-G of the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961, and all donations and payments made to the Trust is eligible for tax exemption.