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Alumni share their memorable work experiences, and what students can learn from them.

Prajwal D’souza
Class of 2020
Journalist, News 9

Indian government has open sourced Aarogya Setu app to public developers


Abhishek Nigam
Class of 2019
Journalist, The People’s Voice

Types Of Anger And How To Manage Them ? Psychologist Dr. Akeela P in converstion with Abhishek Nigam


Prema Sridevi
Class of 2005
Indian Journalist / News Entrepreneur

Prema was interviewed by Pakistan’s Geo news anchor Asher Alam for Mere Loog on Hate-mongering, A business in India & Pakistan

https://youtu.be/bmsm_XWERG8 (WATCH)

Abhishek Nigam
Class of 2019
Journalist, The People’s Voice

Who’s Playing Politics Over Migrant Workers In UP? Congress Leader Udit Raj in converstion with Abhishek Nigam

https://youtu.be/WByxsVPqlSg (WATCH)

Jyotsna Bhardwaj
Class of 2019
Reporter, Kashmir Observer

Prajwal D’souza
Class of 2020
Journalist, News 9

A private company named Altruist Tech had reportedly sacked more than 80 employees amid the outbreak of COVID-19. After I reported the story, the company has withdrawn the notice and has rehired all the employees.

https://youtu.be/jVo7f0ltrp8 (WATCH)

Amitha Balachandra
Class of 2014
Independent Journalist

What’s cooking – News on the go (LISTEN)

Amitha brings us
– E Commerce regulations
– RBI rate cuts
– MHA advisory on Zoom calls

Migrant workers’ train fares (WATCH)

10 days ago, the centre and the opposition bickered over who pays for migrant workers’ train fares. The result was high optics and minimal impact. Many workers are still paying from their pockets.I visit one of the railway stations in Bengaluru. Watch my report.

Ayesha Tabassum
Class of 2007
Principal Correspondent, The New Indian Express

Please do read my interview with Kamal Haasan… Sharing this story with mixed emotions. It’s been a terrible week for Indian cinema. But stars will live forever in our hearts.
On the cover of Indulge this week is the superstar Kamal Haasan.
We spoke with him about his anthem of hope #ArivumAnbum, the future of cinema & his heroes. (READ HERE)