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At Commits we have introduced a unique system of academic experience known as ‘simulated learning’, where a classroom becomes a boardroom, an assignment becomes a live project, and marks become client/customer order. Therefore at Commits learning is through doing which becomes an EXPERIENCE!

These live industry projects provide a window to real-life work environment in the media and communications industry.

THE CHRONICLE: The college newspaper, The Chronicle (with a supplement Commits Chronicle), is a jewel in the Commits crown. It has grown to be a much-loved and admired newspaper for the students, by the students. This provides a unique opportunity where students learn all aspects of journalism and newspaper production.

TELEVISION NEWS BULLETIN: The students produce TV news bulletins as part of their course work. They select stories, write the script, shoot the footage, edit it and compile it into a 10 minute news capsule. Stories range from investigative and political to hard news and features. Newspapers and TV channels have followed up on some of the stories and have published them or broadcast them. WATCH

RADIO FEATURE: The students produce their own radio documentary and feature, some of which have won international awards.

SHORT FILM: The students produce a 10-minute fiction film which helps them to learn the intricacies of film making. Some of their films have been nominated for awards in prestigious short film festivals. WATCH

DOCUMENTARY FILM: Several social anomalies are highlighted through the documentaries that the students produce independently. Their documentaries so far have highlighted child labour, child prostitution, problems of the disabled, community communication and civic matters. WATCH

MUSIC VIDEOS: The students produce music videos for reputed musicians under supervision and guidance from senior film and television producers. WATCH

CHAT SHOW: Interviewing a celebrity, a newsmaker or a change-agent can be quite an experience. Doing in-depth research about the person and the person’s achievements, and coming up with pointed questions in search of insightful and sometimes revealing answers gives journalism students a professional high!

CORPORATE FILM: A 10 minute film on a company highlighting the company’s area of activities, its products/services, its achievements and its vision is an excellent cross-functional learning opportunity, where PR and filmmaking meet. WATCH

PHOTO-FEATURE: The students produce a photo-feature as a prelude to their documentaries and news bulletins, on a theme given to them, complete with audio and graphics design.

AD-FILM: Every group will showcase their creativity by producing an ad campaign – a television commercial, a print ad and digital ad. Products or services can be anything from Manmohan Singh to a multi-starrer movie!

ADVERTISING PITCH: All the students have to pitch for business based on two real-life case studies given to them by a ‘client’. The Pitch is real-time and is evaluated by senior advertising professionals. It involves presenting a strategy, creating a brand and showcasing their creative talent.

PUBLIC RELATIONS PITCH: All the students have to pitch for business based on two real-life case studies given to them by a ‘client’. The PR Pitch is real-time and is evaluated by senior PR professionals. It involves presenting a media brief, strategy, and showcasing their writing-for-the-press talent.

DIGITAL MEDIA PITCH: All the students have to pitch for business based on two real-life case studies given to them by a ‘client’. The DMM Pitch is real-time and is evaluated by senior digital media professionals and the client. It involves presenting a digital and social media strategy to promote a live brand.

MARKET RESEARCH SURVEY: A live market research survey is carried out for a client/agency and results presented using complete statistical tools and techniques.