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I am writing a Thank You email to all of you because today, after seeing the results, 68% — for someone who was never a topper, never the favourite, never the best — is not bad and I am glad I cleared it all, with a good percentage. Two years ago, when I first came to Bangalore to give my written test and meet you all personally, I had no idea what I was getting into. While in Delhi, I had always led a very simple and sheltered life. It was enough for myself, for my parents and I thought whatever I have will definitely be enough for the basic requirements in life. And then, Commits happened. I realised just how inefficient I was and how much more I could learn and do with my life. I thought I was good at English all my life as I was the only student who would clear the paper. And then Ma’am and Sir showed us how wrong we have been all our lives. If not for you, I would have never improved. I would have never thought of correcting myself.

Now, there is this constant effort to correct myself at every step and learn what the appropriate use of the language should be. I am SO glad that I was your student. And especially because I really really want to be a journalist one day, I want to master this language so well that nobody will need to edit my piece.

I thank you all for your constant support and the fact that I could just walk up to you and speak my heart out. Trust me, for someone very emotionally weak and away from home, it meant a lot. I might have been mischievous in classes but I used to have a blast as I enjoyed all the subjects.

Commits is like a bundle of all mixed emotions that came my way and became such a beautiful memory of my life. I don’t care if some magazine does not rate us in the top 10, I do not care if the building is not appealing enough, I do not care if you HAVE to submit all your assignments on time and come for classes at 7 am on a Sunday, I still think our college rocks only for those who know that what might not glitter could be gold.